The Solution: Synotrac

A novel method for detecting periprosthetic infection

Synotrac is a novel, patent pending sensor technology that detects infection in vivo and alerts the patient and their physician in real time. The device quickly analyzes the body's immune response to give a dynamic picture of the joint's healing process, which enables detection of infection significantly earlier than other methods.

How Synotrac Works

Synotrac protects the patient by detecting infection before it is too late to save the original prosthesis. Bacteria colonizing the implant will form a biofilm, a protective layer that cements the presence of bacteria in the joint environment and renders antibiotic treatment ineffective. Once a biofilm has formed and matured, an expensive revision surgery is required, which drastically reduces quality of life. By notifying the patient and their physician of the presence of infection early, Synotrac enables proactive treatment that avoids a revision surgery.

The implanted sensor device is activated and operated via the Synotrac mobile app. Measurements are automatically taken at regular intervals, and only last a few seconds. The recorded data will be securely transmitted via Bluetooth to the patient's phone and stored directly in their electronic health record. The patient's surgeon and primary care physician will have access to this data, giving them the ability to track healing progress over time and intervene immediately in the case of an infection.

Synotrac represents a shift in behavior: from reacting to developing symptoms to proactively identifying and eradicating infection. To receive more information about this novel technology, or get involved as we bring it to market, send us an email at